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July 2, 2017
The Power of Microgreens: A Guide to Growing and Enjoying Tiny but Mighty Plants
February 6, 2023

From Waste to Compost to Vegetables

Our composters are targeted at the urban population. A common question from our customer is: “What do you do when you have harvested compost ?”

We help customers grow small quantities of vegetables and greens in the few open spaces they can afford. Often these are small spaces on terraces or patches of land between buildings of an apartment complex. Even if there is no soil space available, our compost can be used as a rich potting mix (with equal proportion of cocopeat). This is ideal for pots, containers and grow bags as the medium doesn’t get compacted. It also has a good ability to absorb and retain moisture – not to speak of microbes from compost.

Once compost is harvested, leave it for about a couple of weeks in a damp condition (preferably in a jute bag which allows for natural aeration). This is a curing period to ensure that the compost is matured and ready for use.

Shown above are some plants (Lettuce & Broccoli) grown on the roof top of our customer: “Bakers Abode” using compost + Cocopeat. Savita & Hemanth Uchil (who own Bakers Abode) use the lettuce grown here for their burgers/salads/sandwiches.

What could have been a pile of stinking waste and a burden on the city is now a bundle of green delight !