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The Marigold System is a solar composting bin that ensures that the process of composting takes place under natural conditions. Enabled by sunlight, the process is further enhanced by air, moisture and other natural elements which turns household waste into compost within 10-12 days.

Unlike traditional composting systems, the Marigold system does not involve the use of additives or microbes to aid of hasten composting as we believe that it is a natural process which should be bereft of ‘enhancers’.

The Marigold Advantage

Composting at Source
There is no transportation and dumping of waste which adds further to the carbon footprint
Passive Technology
Minimal or No electricity
Robust & Rodent and fly proof design
The composting vessel is made of SS and is designed to be pest proof
No special additives
Uses low cost and natural ingredients that are easily available
Aerobic Process
Almost nil odour
Modular & Scalable
From 10 kg per day to over 500 kg per day
Compact & Easy to install
Compact and can be distributed, uncomplicated to install
12 days in composter + 24 days in curing box

Making a difference

Earth’s systems are regenerative by design. This means that when we trash our entire household garbage we are actually relegating an essential resource to the landfills.

We dream of a world where all organic household waste can be reused and recycled to rejuvenate and enrich our soil, enabling the Earth to support all lives that rely on it.


Total Marigold Composter Installations


Customer sites

3200 kgs

Total Waste Capacity per day

Marigold Composting in Communities