Marigold Mini Composter with Composting Kit

This eco-friendly composter is perfect for a small family generating less than 1 kg of wet waste in a day.

  • 20 Liters capacity
  • Suitable for a Single Family, generating about 1 Kg of Kitchen waste per day
  • Passive Technology - No electricity required and no moving parts
  • Robust – Concrete Drum
  • Efficient Aerobic Process - No Odour, No Microbes required

This kit includes everything you need to get started. Start composting today!

*Shipping will be charged separately
Product Dimensions
51 cm diameter x 51 cm height
All products are quality checked. Any damage to the product while delivering will be replaced. Replacement parts are available.
Care Instructions
Wash with soap water
Stainless Steel

Composting Kit includes:

Curing box
Garden Shears
Composting Mix

Quick Guide: How-to Compost with Mini

Step by step instructions on how to compost your kitchen wet-waste with Marigold solar Mini

→ Click here for the guide in Kannada